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“My wife and I just closed on our first house largely resulting from James and the hard work, steadfast dedication, and long hours he contributed during the process.

Many people talk about how difficult and stressful the process is for closing on a house. We did not experience those emotions.

My job requires that I work overseas for almost 9 months out of the year, so that just adds that much more complexity in closing on a house. That said, the majority of the process for closing on our house was done through online correspondence. James was there with us, holding our hands the whole process. I would send emails from time-zone separations of almost 10 hours, and no matter what time I sent something I would receive a response with-in a few short hours if not immediately. My wife was constantly blowing up James’ phone at all hours and on the weekends and he never expressed any frustrations or annoyance towards us.

He and his staff were extremely professional in insuring our questions were answered, and helped us start the next chapter of our life.

Is Benchmark Mortgage the only company that could have helped us, the answer is obviously no. However, the professionalism, dedication, and devotion that James displayed would be hard pressed to be matched from anywhere else.

Thank you James and Benchmark,”

– Brent & Jenny O.

“Great communication skills! A standup guy who follows through on all steps to make the process easy. He gets it. He knows where you are coming from and keeps its simple.”

– Tim K.

“James contacted us regarding a refinance on our home mortgage. James was efficient and the process was seamless. James was extremely professional and his follow through was excellent. James was always available to accept our calls and emails. We were very satisfied and would recommend his services.”

– Dave and Jean

“In July 2018 our family is planning a huge dinner celebration. We’ll easily be able to pay for it because that June we’ll own our house, in the clear. James Hoglen is the reason we’ll have this financial freedom.

Years ago he kept us up-to-date on the market, rates, and our options. When the time was just right he helped us navigate combining two home loans into one 15-year mortgage. James made the process easy. He shouldered most of the load. After my wife and I located the correct forms, he did the rest, and he’s saved us a large amount of money in interest payments.

I’ve referred James to several friends. Every time, they’ve told me they enjoyed working him. That he made the process easy, and that he’s a fun guy to work with. I’d refer him and work with him again in a heartbeat. We may even invite him to our big dinner.”

– Mike C.


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